Integrated Health Solution Program

Are You Looking For A Complete Professional And Retail Offer?

Integrating all the appropriate elements of retail, the dispensary, customer communication and a professional health services offer may feel overwhelming, particularly for an individual pharmacy. instigo has developed a program to assist community pharmacies provide a cohesive professional and retail offer.The EasyClinic Integrated Health Solution model aims to improve both patient outcomes and pharmacy performance via a total disease state solution. The model helps patients better navigate their health journey and positions your business as a genuine health destination.

Health Clinic



Marketing &

Elements of the Integrated Health Solution Model

The EasyClinic Integrated Health Solution model brings together effective and impactful retail merchandising, the industry leading EasyClinic program and mentoring, relevant and impactful health service promotions and customer communications. Most importantly, the Integrated Health Solution is underpinned with clear and concise training, which is essential for providing a cohesive health service model in your pharmacy.

Retail Merchandising

  • Encourages self selection
  • Increase basket size
  • Improves customer health literacy

Eacyclinic Program

  • Processes and manual
  • Staff training and support
  • Dispensary and Pharmacist-led clinics

Health Solutions

  • Disease State Management planning and promotions
  • Linked dispensary products
  • In-store ‘theatre’

Direct To Consumer Marketing

  • Branding and signage
  • Health information and customer literacy