With electronic prescribing around the corner, pharmacists are starting to do what they can to prepare while they await the release of details.

So how are pharmacies responding to the concept of electronic prescribing so far?

One of the things that is starting to hit home is the potential impact on customer numbers and script numbers… if scripts are to potentially become so portable and readily accessed (ie. in my pocket on my phone able to be ordered at the touch of a few buttons), what is going to help keep me coming in to my local pharmacy?

The immediate action that pharmacies are starting to focus on heavily is enrolling patients into their prescription app. This is something that we are seeing pharmacies prioritising, and pharmacies are taking the time to revisit staff training on their prescription app, ensure they’ve got it set up on their phone or ipad to demonstrate to patients, and are setting team targets for offering the service to patients.

In line with this, the current Pharmacy Catalyst Health Solution topic is EasyScript, focussing on app enrolments hand in hand with script on file. The topic is aiming to drive the uplift of enrolments to improve script customer retention, loyalty and adherence. Going into the new year, we are looking to produce additional in-store Point of Sale material and signage that can be ordered to ensure your customers are fully aware of your pharmacy’s app service and the benefits to them.

What is EasyScript? It is the Pharmacy Catalyst brand for your script on file and prescription reminder service, and is a simple way to reference the overall service when talking with customers or staff. It originally started as a way to promote script on file, and over time has evolved to incorporate messaging and app service, and continues to evolve with paperless prescriptions. Pharmacy Catalyst is looking into the viability of an EasyScript branded MyPharmacyLink app, so watch this space!

There has been questions around whether it is still worth focussing on scripts on file, and based on our best prediction for now, the answer is yes – it is worthwhile. It looks like paper scripts will continue to co-exist at least in the short term, and as such scripts on file is still an important customer retention service, that provides the benefit of convenience, security and peace of mind to your customers.

Those who are being particularly proactive are also thinking about data accuracy, ie. starting to gather any missing patient data that will be required for My Health Record, tiding up their data to ensure it is accurate, and reviewing product barcode scan rates for dispensed items.

Some pharmacies are also recognising that it is more important than ever to ensure they are providing exceptional, personalised care and service that brings customers in time and again, and continue to implement initiatives to engage with their customers and create community around their pharmacy and their brand.

The EasyScript Health Solution promotion running November – December in Catalyst pharmacies