Pharmacy Catalyst

Pharmacy Catalyst is a banner group for independent pharmacies. Our strength is in the tailored approach and high service levels maintained with member pharmacies. Pharmacy Catalyst’s aim is to achieve the best benefits for members; through improved sales and profit, and to help pharmacies position themselves as a key professional service and retail destination in the local community. As such, Pharmacy Catalyst is focused around long term relationships and assisting members to become a successful independent pharmacy with a strong professional foundation.

Pharmacy Catalyst provides effective buying, marketing, retail and professional services, tailoring our marketing mix to align with your pharmacy’s independent brand. Our philosophy is to provide services that allow pharmacies the ability to deliver a strong offer, promoting and competing on a professional level.

How we grow your business:

  1. Maximise advice and growth opportunities from the dispensary through professional service programs and coaching
  2. Improve customer frequency and increased basket size through heightened customer engagement
  3. Lay the foundations for an effective, knowledgeable team through ongoing assistance in all aspects of the business via effective coaching and support of key retail and dispensary staff
  4. Provide signature category solutions, allowing your pharmacy to be the customer’s first choice destination for health advice and customer self-selection
  5. Connecting like-minded members with conference and networking opportunities