Mental Health Awareness Month







This September – October, our Catalyst members are focusing on Mental Health in their Pharmacies and community through the EasyClinic Health Solutions program.
The Health Solution on mental health is an awareness campaign that Pharmacy staff are approachable to discuss mental health concerns and questions about medications and that Pharmacists can help people find services that are available locally for help or support. This built on putting knowledge from Mental Health First Aid training into practice.

Behind the scenes, the clinical activity focused on improving medication adherence for people with mental illness, by following up on new medications and using the Pharmacies existing services to make it easier to manage their medicines.

The Health Solution included staff training videos, notes, and content for the Pharmacies to use on social media and their websites.







Catalyst members have really gotten behind the initiative, running community events and team events for R U OK Day?, setting up mindfulness spaces, implementing a quiet hour and going out for a walk with the team.







Don’t forget World Mental Health Day is coming up on October 10th – Make the pledge to shed a positive light on mental illness by visiting and registering your promise! #MentalHealthPromise

For more information on how we can help your Pharmacy grow and support your community please contact us today!