Meet The Team – Bianca Havukainen

Bianca Havukainen – Registered Pharmacist & Consultant, Instigo

Bianca Havukainen is a registered pharmacist and professional services consultant at Instigo.

With 10 years’ experience within pharmacist manager and professional service roles, Bianca works across coaching, program development, marketing, training programs and the EasyClinic and Health Advice Plus programs.

Having assisted in the development of the Health Advice Plus program, Bianca coaches the community pharmacies in the program to evolve their professional services position. As part of this, she has helped pharmacies successfully achieve growth and to realise the viability that exists in this space.

Within the EasyClinic professional services program, Bianca writes the content for the Health Solutions modules and provides professional support for the Pharmacy Catalyst group. Bianca’s own interest in pharmacy services is to foster culturally appropriate and dignified care that respects the individual.

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