My Mission to Turn Type 1 into Type None with Sally Benedek

A little about Type 1 and my story…

I have been a pharmacist for 19 years and have completed a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management. Recently I have also finalised my application with ADEA to become a Credentialled Diabetes Educator.

I am passionate about Type 1 as it runs in my family. Unfortunately Type 1 doesn’t get the attention it deserves. There are not many of us and we look so healthy! Type 1 is an auto-immune disease and as yet we don’t know exactly why it happens, however, there is a genetic as well as environmental factor. There are not only the daily challenges of managing the disease but the many complications that are associated with it.

I am on the State Leadership Group for NSW for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). JDRF are a great organisation that are working towards a cure, improving current treatments and advocating to the government for the Type 1 community. Our main aim is to turn Type One into Type None!

Picture above: Sally facilitating a diabetes workshop in Canberra. 

I am passionate about educating pharmacists and patients on all things diabetes to help patients manage their condition the best they can. I love the fact technology as helped improve the lives of people with diabetes and can’t wait until we get a closed loop system (meaning a continuous glucose monitor would send data to the pump and calculate the correct insulin dose to deliver). Imagine not having to think about diabetes except to change the pump and sensor – That would be AMAZING!

If you would like to talk anything Diabetes, please contact me.
phone: 02 9248 2408