Loyalty Programs




Loyalty programs are an effective means of building an important multi-channelled relationship with your customer. Understanding behaviours and communicating with your customer in a targeted and specific way helps keep your members happy, grow your business and gather invaluable customer data.

Transactional and behavioural data can deliver valuable insights and lead to increased average transaction value and frequency of shop to increase the return to your business.  The LifeClub Rewards program enables your store to identify and appropriately communicate to different customer segments for greatest effect and increased loyalty.

Instant Rewards

The LifeClub Rewards program allows your customers access to instant rewards every time they shop at your pharmacy, giving them the benefit of earning reward dollars for every $1 spent on non-prescription items, and the chance to receive bonus offers and win exclusive prizes.

As an advantage, your store is able to participate in large-scale consumer promotions and competitions whilst only paying an independent price. These promotions are designed to attract new enrolments, influence shopping behaviour to increase purchase frequency and spend, and aid customer retention by strengthening the relationship with your key customers.

Targeted Communications

LifeClub opens up a direct channel for you to communicate with your customers based on their demographics and purchasing behaviour. The program has built-in triggered loyalty communications in the form of Welcome and Birthday emails with the purpose of educating your customer on the program benefits and offering them bonus rewards to draw them back in-store shopping with you. 

Along with emails, other communication channels used include direct mailers and receipt messages to ensure you touch base with your customers regularly about your key offers and benefits for more frequent visits, increased sales and to strengthen your brand awareness. You have the option of contacting your VIPs as well as your lapsed members on loyalty and health related topics to ensure all segments are catered for.

Customer Segmentation

The LifeClub Rewards program enables your store to identify and appropriately communicate to the different customer segments for greatest effect and increased loyalty. Based on demographic data captured combined with the customer’s shopping basket, LifeClub is able to help identify who your most profitable customer segment is and ensure they are contacted with more targeted and tailored communications that interest their needs and wants. 

For example, a 30-year-old female who has purchased Children’s cold and flu will be part of the Growing Family segment and contacted with relevant offers and health information.

Reporting and Customer Insights

The LifeClub program includes sophisticated loyalty and purchase tracking software to securely collect and collate customer spending habits. The data is populated into easy to understand reports for you to make more informed decisions and maximise your returns. instigo have a centralised marketing team who can help analyse and provide recommendations and work with you to implement.

Our Recency, Frequency and Monetary (RFM) analysis enables your pharmacy to understand who your most valuable customers are, who has stopped shopping (lapsed) and which customers need to be ‘nurtured’ for the greatest return to ensure that the maximum Customer Lifetime Value is realised.

All data extracted is always owned by the pharmacy, does not include dispensary data and customers are never contacted without the pharmacy’s agreement.

Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing (LAM) involves identifying and implementing marketing opportunities in local communities by engaging positively with your customers, groups, organisations, businesses and local media. It begins with understanding your customers and your local market and then using that knowledge to ensure you are communicating the right messages to your customers.

instigo offers a variety of LAM initiatives that your pharmacy can utilise as part of a tailored LAM program. These programs specifically focus on your individual pharmacy, your customers and the environment in which you operate. We will help you develop the right LAM strategy for your pharmacy by:

  • Analysing your existing data
  • Understanding your customers
  • Understanding the competitive environment in which you operate

instigo has a team of marketing experts that specialise in a range of areas from data analysis and retail marketing strategy in the pharmacy environment through to the development and implementation of results-driven marketing initiatives.

If you would like further details about how instigo can help grow your business, simply fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and a representative will be in touch soon.