Getting Your Pharmacy In Shape

Pharmacists are dedicated to looking after the health of their customers, but what about the health of your pharmacy? The right layout, smart use of product displays and innovative in-store marketing ideas all go a long way towards educating customers and boosting sales. Here are some of the basic check points to consider…

  • Categories provide health information and planogramed
  • The pharmacy is well lit and aisles are clutter free
  • Gondola ends are used for seasonal products with key messaging
  • Disk displays are where customers naturally gather for impulse buys
  • Window space is used to promote products and communicate key business messages
  • Shelf ticketing is clear and professional
  • Displays are periodically changed to keep it fresh and in line with catalogues or other marketing initiatives
  • Stock is replenished and faced up every day to increase shelf shout (and clean!)
  • Marketing messages are clear and not competing for attention – less is more!

Take the time to walk around your own pharmacy and highlight the areas that require focus. Think of your main customer types and ‘put yourself in their shoes’ as you walk around. Make a checklist of things to cover, such as cleanliness and out of stocks. Is your offer clear and your pharmacy inviting and attractive to your customers? If not take steps internally with your team or engage an outside specialist to assist your pharmacy in executing your business strategy.