Flannery’s Pharmacy WINS the 2019 Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy of the Year Award

instigo are very proud partners of Flannery’s Pharmacy who are the winners of the 2019 Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s Pharmacy of the Year Award. They are one of the original pharmacies that formed Pharmacy Catalyst and have gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years with the group.

Flannery’s Pharmacy’s business strategy is clearly defined and focused on the future and the need to adapt to the evolving pharmacy environment. By spending time defining their vision and future goals they have been able to clearly communicate this to their staff, who then bring the vision to light every day in the pharmacy with a patient-centric approach. This approach aligns with the Pharmacy Catalyst offer and instigo services, in particular the EasyClinic Professional Services model, the LifeClub loyalty program and health and solution-based merchandising.










Vision: Offer the highest level of Pharmacy Care to all people in our community.

Rural doctor shortages in Forbes placed Flannery’s Pharmacy in a unique position as a health service destination. Often the first point of call for many residents, the GPs operating in the area appreciate the role that pharmacists play in delivering the best health outcomes for their community.

Development of staff skills and premium consulting room facilities have resulted in first class services in mental health, men’s health and diabetes education. “Adapting the way we offer our services to meet community needs has contributed to significant spikes in meds checks, inhaler technique checks and vaccinations.” Michael Flannery, co-owner of Flannery’s Pharmacy.

These services are supported and communicated to the community via EasyClinic Health Solution, which are promotional health programs provided by Pharmacy Catalyst. These trends are continuing to grow with Flannery’s looking towards the next phase of their business growth.










 “At Flannery’s, we understand the need to invest in our people. Our team members are essential in delivering our goals and vision. We also ensure we have the right people in the right roles and this is crucial to our pharmacy’s success.” Sarah Hazell, co-owner of Flannery’s Pharmacy.











Southcity Pharmacy handing over the baton to Flannery’s Pharmacy, who are both Pharmacy Catalyst members.