Congrats Southcity Pharmacy for winning Pharmacy of the Year 2018!

We have a winner! Congratulations to the team at Southcity Pharmacy Wagga for winning both the Excellence in Community Engagement Award and overall Pharmacy of the Year 2018! Luke and the team have worked incredibly hard this past year to provide services that cater to the unique needs of his local community, and their hard work has paid off tenfold. We are so proud to have them as members of the Pharmacy Catalyst family, well done! 🏆

Check out Luke’s post win interview with the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.

POTY winner credits APP with inspiring excellence

What's the secret to success? We speak with Luke van der Rijt, co-proprietor of Southcity Pharmacy Wagga, which was announced this week as the Guild 2018 Pharmacy of the Year! 🏆🥇 #kickinggoals #POTY #APP2018 #pharmacy

Posted by Australian Journal of Pharmacy on Thursday, 3 May 2018