Electronic Prescriptions – preparing for change

All you need to know about E- Prescriptions It looks like 2020 will be a bellwether year for pharmacy – it is piecing together to be a year of generational change covering political (7CPA, prescribing changes, etc), digital (electronic prescriptions and data protocols) and social/demographic (customer behavioural change). This will flow through to the Pharmacy … Continue reading Electronic Prescriptions – preparing for change

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How can Pharmacists play a role in mental health?

This World Mental Health Day, we’re talking about the impact that Pharmacists and Pharmacy staff can have in supporting mental well-being and improving outcomes for people with mental illness. Why focus on mental health in your Pharmacy? Because there is a genuine need. In 2017-18 in Australia, 4.2 million people (16.8% of the Australian population) … Continue reading How can Pharmacists play a role in mental health?

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Mental Health Awareness Month

            This September – October, our Catalyst members are focusing on Mental Health in their Pharmacies and community through the EasyClinic Health Solutions program. The Health Solution on mental health is an awareness campaign that Pharmacy staff are approachable to discuss mental health concerns and questions about medications and that Pharmacists can help … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month

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