Instigo industry experts presenting at APP 2017

Instigo’s Bianca Havukainen and Mark Silcock will be sharing their valuable insight into the Health Advice Plus program at APP 2017.

Come and visit Bianca and Mark at the Health Advice Plus meeting pods (next to trade entry 6)

Details of the two panels they will be participating in are below.

Sunday Morning Expert Panel: Are your professional services achieving the outcomes you need?

How does your pharmacy perform against current benchmarks? Are you maximising your opportunities? The Opportunity Analysis tool is designed to provide a customised report using a pharmacy’s data to highlight lost opportunity income linked to key service areas including: 6 CPA funded programs, fixed third party income, prescription and medication programs, and screening and testing services. Data from pharmacies which have undertaken opportunity analysis under the Health Advice Plus Program shows that, on average, pharmacies are missing out on significant additional income from professional services annually. Learn where your pharmacy might benchmark and how completing the tool can provide you with insights and directions on how to maximise outcomes in your pharmacy.

VENUE: Meeting Rooms 7 & 8

DATE: Sunday 12 March 2017, 9.50am – 10.35am

Facilitator: Michael Walters, The Pharmacy Guild of Australia

Panellists: Georgina Twomey, Community Pharmacy Owner; Honor Penprase, Community Pharmacy Owner; Nick Knowles, Community Pharmacy Owner; Mark Silcock, Community Pharmacist & Professional Services Manager, instigo

Mark Silcock – instigo

Sunday Morning Expert Panel: Health Advice Plus – Case Studies of Success

The Guild’s Health Advice Plus Program provides a suite of resources and operational processes, tailored to individual pharmacies. The program is designed to identify the earning capacity of the pharmacy and then provide the assistance required to secure that income. The aim has been to ensure that services delivered by community pharmacies are commercially and operationally viable, and provide quality health outcomes for patients. Hear firsthand how Health Advice Plus has improved the viability of a number of pharmacy businesses, and how the program can help you.

VENUE: Meeting Rooms 7 & 8

DATE: Sunday 12 March 2017, 11.00am – 11.45am

Facilitator: Andrew Pattinson, General Manager, Instigo

Panellists: John Dowling, President, Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Tasmania Branch; Elise Apolloni, Community Pharmacist; Bianca Havukainen, Consultant & Professional Services Account Manager, instigo

Bianca Havukainen – instigo