2017 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year winners

We couldn’t be more proud of our clients Lanyon Pharmacy & Priceline Woden for taking home Winner & Runner-Up, GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year!

GuildCare is a seamless software solution for pharmacy professional services. It comprises 5 program streams:

  1. 6CPA – Medication Adherence and Medication Management
  2. Patient Services – Documents in-pharmacy services including Blood Pressure, Vaccination
  3. Patient Adherence – Targeted at non-compliant patients or newly initiated to therapy
  4. Admin Module – Aids electronic documentation. Includes Adverse Events & Patient Plans
  5. MemoCare – Builds patient loyalty through one integrated communications solution – SMS, Email, Voice Call. It includes script reminders/renewals/owing and medication reminders

For more information on the services Instigo provides: www.instigo.com.au/services

Winners, 2017 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year
Priceline Woden & Lanyon Pharmacy – Runner Up & Winner, 2017 GuildCare Pharmacy of the Year